The Greek Customer‘s Order Make Ready

25 Carton of Greek customer have been produced and successfully packed. The order, which takes about 20 days to produce, contains HiTag2 V3.1 programmer, 12V 2-30Ah motorcycle battery tester Micro 200Pro, 6V 12V truck battery tester Micro 300 and other ve


GM3655 Gets A Really Accurate Reading Of Your Body Temperature

No medicine cabinet should be considered complete without a digital thermometer - it's the quickest and easiest way to get a really accurate reading of your body temperature so that you can know with more clarity whether you're showing the symptoms of il


12V Car Battery Monitor Micro200 is on SALE

SALE 12V CCA Battery Tester Lead Acid MICRO-200 Why do you choose Micro200? 1.Manufacture:Lancol is a "State High and New Technology Enterprise" whic specializes in research, manufacture and sales of automotive battery tester, automotive diagnostic inst


The Taiwan customer's shipment has been issued

The Taiwan customer orders 535PCS vehicle diagnostic tool, including 315PCS Customized Car Battery Tester VAT600, 220PCS Customized Car Battery Tester VAT650.The goods has been tested and packaged for shipment. Thank you for your support from Taiwan.


LANCOL Appoints Solar (Thailand) As Authorized Distributor

After evaluating the commercial interests of both companies, LANCOL HIGH-TECH COMPANY LTD decided to consitute and appoint appoint Solar (Thailand) as authorized distributor in Thailand. Solar (Thailand) can sell 12V 2-30Ah motorcycle battery tester, 6V


NEW Bluetooth Smart Car Charger Tester with Estimated Charging Time

Lancol Corporation, 12V Car Digital Battery Tester Charger suppliers, just launched a new product, Bluetooth 12V/3A Car Battery Tester&Charger CAT-100. Main Function ►Battery test ►Cranking test ►Charging Test ►Battery charging ►Voltage monitor Featur


The Dubai Customers Order 200PCS Micro-468

Dubai customers order 200PCS Micro-468. This product is available in three languages. 1.Mainland Version:Chinese Simple,Chinese Traditional,English,Russian,Japanese. 2.Europe and America Version:English,French,Spanish,Italian,German. 3.Korean Version:Kor


French Customer Places New Order

French customer makes new order 240pcs of original 12V car battery tester Micro 300, and 100pcs of 6V 12V truck battery tester Micro 568. Now we are waiting for clients to confirm if custom packaging is needed. Thanks for trust and support from France.


The Thai Customer's Order Make Ready to ship

The Thai customers order Lancol vehicle diagnostic tool, 20PCS Bluetooth 4.0 Battery Tester For Android IOS Iphone Micro-10-A, 10PCS Original 12V Car Battery Tester Micro 768A and 20PCS Micro 200. Thank you for your support and trust from Thailand. The go


Holiday Of The 2020 China New Years

Dear All: With the arrival of the 2020 Traditional Chinese New Year, we are deeply grateful for your long-standing concern and support for our company! Our comapny arrangements for the 2020 Spring Festival are as follows: From January 22th, 2020 to Februa


Product Sales Training for CAT-100

Lancol High-tech Company Ltd, Original 12V Car Battery Tester suppliers, organized product sales training for the new item, 12V Car Digital Battery Tester Charger CAT-100. CAT-100 adopts currently the world's most advanced conductance measurement technolo


The Japanese Customers Order Make Ready

The Japanese customers 24 carton of customized on-board diagnostic, 12V 2-30Ah motorcycle battery tester, 6V 12V truck battery tester and leakage current tester. Thank you for your support and trust from Japan. We have the global delivery capacity. We sup