The Korean Customers Order Make Ready

The Korean customers 16 carton of customized digital tread depth gauge make ready. Thank you for your support and trust from Korea. Customized Digital LCD Coating Thickness Gauge and Customized Digital Sound Level Meter Noise Tester are welcomed. With pro


Happy New Year 2020

Received our New Year's gift, 32 carton oranges from our customers. They are very fresh and the fruit juices are so sweet. Thank you for your support to Lancol Bluetooth Battery Tester and 12V 2-30Ah Motorcycle Battery Tester. In the past ten years, Lanco


Lancol New Product Micro-200 Pro Launched

Battery Analyzer MICRO-200PRO is our company's most cost-effective automotive lead-acid battery tester. It is an upgraded version of the MICRO-200, which can now measure the battery of cars, trucks and motorcycles. It adopts the most advanced conductivity


How To Choose Merry Christmas Gifts?

Recently, did you notice anything different when you hurried to work? Shops start to embellish themselves, Christmas music performs within the background, with people thronging to the malls and shops. If you happen to suppose you possibly can fake that yo


Who invented the first battery?

In ancient times, human beings may have been constantly researching and testing such things as electricity. But there are several different theories about who invented the first battery. The Italian Alessandro Volta is usually attributed to the honor of


Maintenance Charge And Care Of NiMh Batteries&Li-ion Battery

NiMh battery NiMh batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times but become significantly worse after a few hundred charge cycles. Self-discharge is high and varies between 15-30% per month when stored at room temperature. Therefore, charge the NiMh batterie


Battery Maintenance Charging and Care-Liquid, AGM and Gel

Maintain * Make sure the terminals and connections are clean.* Keep the battery clean as dirt and moisture lead to creep currents that slowly discharge the battery.* Always make sure the battery is clamped.* Battery capacity decreases during cooling. Pref


What is the difference between start and traction (deep cycle)?

Starter battery Starter batteries are used for starting and driving vehicles. The principle is to provide as much starting current as possible over a very short time interval. The starter batteries therefore have a large number of thin lead plates to prov


Lancol New Journey 2019 Automechanika Shanghai

2019Automechanika Shanghai Lancol High-tech Company Ltd Exhibition date: Dec. 3th-Dec. 6th, 2019 Exhibition Address: Shanghai National Exhibition Center Booth No.:5.1A47 Welcome to visit our Booth for more battery testers&Vehicle Diagnostic Tool


Signs of a Weak Car BatteryI

Early in the morning, you hurriedly take the bag, run into the garage, and stuff yourself into the car, you turn the key, but the car does not go ahead. And you try to start many times, but this still doesn't work.


Signs of A Weak Car BatteryII

Last week, we introduced the 3 signs of the car for a weak battery. Now, continue the other 4 indications: Low Battery Fluid Level Car batteries typically have a part of the casing that’s translucent so you can always check your battery’s flu


AAPEX Is Coming

AAPEX 2019 is coming New product launch Find us at Booth No.8813 Welcome to visit and talk about more cooperation