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Portable 12V3A Motorcycle Battery Tester&Charger

  • Model: CAT-200
  • Color: Grey
  • Display: LED
  • Application: Car&Motorcycle battery
  • Battery Battery type: AGM/GEL/EFB/Lithium ect.
  • Socket Standard:EU/US
  • Lead Time: 1-200PCS,15days;>200PCS, negotiable
  • Customization: MOQ.:100PCS
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Portable 12V3A Motorcycle Battery Tester&Charger

Main Functions:

Auto charging

Battery test

Cranking test




Attach the cable clip of the red cable to the plus point(+)of the battery and the cable clip of the black cable to the minus point(-)of the battery.



Large LCD display, clearly present the alternator and battery state.

Two Alligator Clips for safe and easy operation.

Small size and light weight, convenient to carry.

Suitable for all 12V battery.

With a good chip inside, not easy to get hot on the surface.


Safety Protection:

Protected against polarity reversal(The devices will not work with wrong connection)

Temperature protection(Built-in temperature fuse, the device will power off automatically once the temperature is too high )

Leakage Protection(Power off automatically when the test clip is removed)

Fire-resistant house

This product has no function of waterproof. Do not use it outdoors in rainy day.



Input voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ

Output: 14.4/14.7V, 3.0A max

Battery Type: Wet Cell(Flooded),Gel Cell,AGM,Lithium,EFB,Or Any Maintenance-Free

Battery Capacity Range: 2-120Ah Maintains all battery sizes

Battery Voltage: 12-Volt lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion Batteries

Charge type: Smart & Automatic Chargeing cycle

Testing Scope: CCA40-2000

LCD Size: 50*30MM

Ambient Temperture: -20°C to +50°C

Dimensions: 127*80*45(L*W*H)

Actual Weight: 470g

Portable 12V3A Motorcycle Battery Tester&Charger

Packing List:

1 x battery charger CAT-200

1 x user manual

1 x EU or US socket

Portable 12V3A Motorcycle Battery Tester&Charger