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    Lancol is a high-tech enterprise located in Chengdu of  Western China, focused on the development of innovative technologies for battery management solutions. Since pioneering a new standard in battery testers with conductance technology, Lancol was established on basis of higher standard of the industry requirement with clear business objective to become the industry leader status.

    Under guide of numbers of domestic top industry experts and through with the help of graduate students teams concertrated on vehicle battery testing instrument research with many years of efforts in data analysis, testing and actual use performance test, Lancol has successfully  developed independent intellectual property rights of   "Battery Conductance & Electrical System Analyzers" that have already obtained several national patents. Lancol become a few major factories who can produce battery conductance tester in the world, also only one manufacture of battery conductance tester in China.

    As our “Battery Conductance & Electrical System Analyzers” are more reliable and powerful in the industry, they have been widely accepted by vehicle OEMs, dealers and aftermarket parts and service providers. Our products are always creating new ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide better service.

    Lancol is a good option for you to advance your battery management program.