Auto Circuit Tester

  1. With the increasing technical updates, the unceasing development of auto industry and the continuous renewal of auto parts and electronic components,
  2. auto circuits gradually increase, but the detection tools of maintenance telephone are very few. Automobile circuit tester excludes difficulties and
  3. anxieties for vast auto repair factories, 4S shops and auto headquarters.

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1. It can accurately detect various line faults under the situation of no damage to rubber cover.

2. It sets multimeter & test lamp gear which has the functions that the top-level multimeter fails to do. It specially detects the wires with bad contact and aging wires.

3. It can detect each fault in the place where the space is narrow and light is weak.




It can accurately detect fault location of automobile circuit.

The set multiple gears can be suitable for the detection of various faults.

Suitable for automobile repair shop, 4s shiop,DIY enthusiasts.


* The product is the only four-in-one product with the functions of multimeter, test lamp, lighting lamp and probe.

* All functions of digital multimeter are intelligent. Back light is closed automatically after the backl ight of 30s. All ranges are intelligent, and the instrument shuts off automatically after the stop of use for 20min.

* It is convenient to use, efficient to detect, easy to operate and has reliable performance.