Battery Maintenance Charging and Care-Liquid, AGM and Gel


Maintain * Make sure the terminals and connections are clean.* Keep the battery clean as dirt and moisture lead to creep currents that slowly discharge the battery.* Always make sure the battery is clamped.* Battery capacity decreases during cooling. Pref

What is the difference between start and traction (deep cycle)?


Starter battery Starter batteries are used for starting and driving vehicles. The principle is to provide as much starting current as possible over a very short time interval. The starter batteries therefore have a large number of thin lead plates to prov

Lancol New Journey 2019 Automechanika Shanghai


2019Automechanika Shanghai Lancol High-tech Company Ltd Exhibition date: Dec. 3th-Dec. 6th, 2019 Exhibition Address: Shanghai National Exhibition Center Booth No.:5.1A47 Welcome to visit our Booth for more battery testers&Vehicle Diagnostic Tool

Signs of a Weak Car BatteryI


Early in the morning, you hurriedly take the bag, run into the garage, and stuff yourself into the car, you turn the key, but the car does not go ahead. And you try to start many times, but this still doesn't work.

Signs of A Weak Car BatteryII


Last week, we introduced the 3 signs of the car for a weak battery. Now, continue the other 4 indications: Low Battery Fluid Level Car batteries typically have a part of the casing that’s translucent so you can always check your battery’s flu

AAPEX Is Coming


AAPEX 2019 is coming New product launch Find us at Booth No.8813 Welcome to visit and talk about more cooperation

How was your Halloween going on?


Traditionally known as All Hallows' Evening, Halloween 2019 falled on Thursday, October 31. It is always held on the eve of the Christian festival of All Saints' Day on November 1, and marks the start of the three-day observance of Allhallowtide which end

Know More about Battery System Standard and Rating


Battery is the power of the car, mainly used to supply power for auto starter and various electrical equipment while starting up, belonging to the start-up battery.

LANCOL Company Mountain-Climbing


In order to get all employees of the company to participate in the collective activities, do physical exercise, enjoy nature and relax themselves after busy and intense work, our company organized this mountain-climbing activity.

The Exhibition Plans of LANCOL Battery Tester Company in the second half of 2017


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LANCOL Digital Battery System Tester Training


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Pay Attention To Lithium Batteries


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