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Export data from MICRO-300 and MICRO-200 PRO (WIn10 ,win7,Win xp )

APP “LANCOL Battery Tester”

Lancol Corporation,Bluetooth Battery Tester suppliers,just launched a new product,Bluetooth 12V/3A Car Digital Battery Tester&Charger CAT-100.With this device, you can not only charge your car / motorcycle, but also monitor your battery health at any time. Like the Bluetooth 4.0 Battery Tester, it's suitable both for Android and IOS Iphone.But before using it, please make sure that the APP,Lancol Battery Tester, in your mobile phone is the latest version.

Micro 500 user manual

MICRO-500 Color LCD Display battery tester is the newest version in 2022. It adopts the world's most advanced conductance testing technology to easily , quickly measure the health of battery and system condition.

Micro 500 user manual Thai ไทย

Micro-500 user manual Thai ไทย

Micro 500 user manual Русский

Micro 500 user manual Русский