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New Product 2 in 1 CAT-100 12V/3A Bluetooth Smart Battery Charger&Tester for Automotive Car and Motorcycle

Main Function: battery test, cranking system test, charging system test, voltage monitor, also as the battery charging function

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CAT-100 adopts currently the world's most advanced conductance measurement technology to easily, quickly and accurately measure the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle starting battery, healthy state of the battery itself.And it has a built-in intelligent microprocessor which makes charging faster, easier, and safer to use. Safety features include spark proof circuitry, reverse polarity, short circuit, over current, overcharge and overheating protection. It'll help you prevent vehicle breakdowns and maximize the performance of your battery by giving you valuable, easy to understand information about the state of your battery's health and charge.




At present, the battery testers are generally divided into two types, charge instruments and measurement instruments. Since the single-function tester cannot satisfy the customer's requirements at the same time, resulting in an increase in factory production costs and customer use costs. Combined charging with testing functions, CAT-100 not only implements environmentally friendly production, but also saves customers' cost of use.



2.Wide applications:

The CAT-100 is capable of testing, charging, maintaining and even repairing all types of 12V lead acid batteries, including common lead acid batteries, AGM, GEL, EFB and 12V lithium batteries. Connecting to the Android and IOS system to implement the battery test, cranking system test, charging system test, voltage monitor, and also as the battery charging function.



3.Free update

Download the latest version of the APP from APP Store or Google Play. APP name: LANCOL Battery Tester.



4.Simple To Operate

Just download the free app, connect the CAT-100 to your battery, and follow the in-app instructions. You will know the health of battery and monitor the status of battery charging with your phone.




  1. Risk of electric stock.Do not expose to liquid, vapor or rain
  2. For indoor use only
  3. Disconnect the supply before marking or breaking the connections to the battery
  4. If not to connect Bluetooth during use, this tester will automatically charge after 15 minutes