Electronic Brake Fluid Tester

  1. The motor vehicle brake fluid (hereafter called brake fluid) is a kind of fluid for transferring pressure in hydraulic
  2. braking system to stop wheel rotation, whose quality, are of great importance for the driving safety.
  3. With the quick development of automobile industry, the realization of high speed of vehicles has become a trend,
  4. and requirement on the use of brake fluid also increases.

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1. Detect the performance of brake fluid quickly, and inspect the quality of fluid according to the water content, so as to timely replace the brake fluid. It applies to the test of DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5 brake fluid, with the testing results indicated on the LCD screen, and characterized by high visibility, convenience and accuracy. 


2. The front end is designed with test probe, strong magnet pickup (magnetic suction rod) and LED lamp. Insert the test probe in the brake fluid cup for testing, press (S) lamp button to turn on the lamp, then the contact position between test probe and fluid can be clearly seen, thus ensuring the accuracy of testing result. In addition, the magnetic design of probe helps to clean the iron dirt in the brake fluid, thus greatly increasing the purity of brake fluid, and ensuring the safety and reliability of braking functions. When you are worrying about the iron objects dropped in the crack, holes or fuel tank and cannot get them, then the magnetic suction rod can just fix your problem. The special tester of brake fluid designed by our company is characterized by its simplicity, convenience and fastness, which is also broadly applied in individual workshops, repair factories and 4S stores. 


Notices during testing with the instrument: 


1. The probe shall be completely in contact with the brake fluid, thus the quality of brake fluid can be accurately detected. 

2. If the testing shall be performed for several times, then the testing can only be performed after the scale displayed on the LCD display fades away, and the fluid on the probe must be completely cleaned, or the parameters may be inaccurate. 

3. When battery symbol () flashes under the screen, it indicates insufficient power of battery, and the battery shall be timely exchanged, or the accuracy of the testing data may be affected. 

4. After each testing, fluid on the testing probe shall be cleaned with dry cloth or tissue. 


The tester for brake fluid measures the water content change of brake fluid according to the change of electric conductivity. It clearly indicates the water content through LCD screen, and high water content of the brake fluid can lead to a decrease of boiling point, thus influencing the braking performance. 

Technical parameters


Type: 3451L

Designation: Tester for brake fluid

Net weight: 116g

Power supply: 3v

Range of testing fluid: DOT3  DOT4   DOT5

Lighting lamp: 5mm / 3mm

Attractive force: 1000g / 500g

Temperature: -30C+198C

Probe: 17mm*26mm / 8mm*17mm



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